Tampere University of Applied Sciences


TAMPERE University of Applied Sciences (Finland):  www.unipolisport.fi

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is organizing the sport services together with two other universities in Tampere: University of Tampere and Technical University of Tampere. The network is called Unipoli Sport. This means that by paying one sports fee to your home university, you are allowed to use all the sports facilities and services at three campuses. link http://sport.unipolitampere.fi/indexen.html

Facilities:  http://sport.unipolitampere.fi/facilities/Mainpage.html

Health promotion of Unipoli Sport:

Health promotion is included in the main strategy of each three universities. Academic Sport Services is involved as a member of both students and staff wellbeing groups. The groups make guidelines and “official” programs in the university to improve the wellbeing of students and staff members. These programmes are being completed by the tutor students, teachers and other staff members working in student guidance and counselling.

Unipoli Sport has started actions to find and get along passive students. The focus of these actions is to ease to get started and easy to join groups with expertise guidance and facilities for individual with a low level of skills and physical condition.

Selected health promoting physical activities (examples):

  • The wellbeing clinic of the physiotherapy department is arranging “easy step groups” for students and staff. They are for those who have not done any physical activity at all.
  • Actions for none active students and staff members (mostly with a very small or no fees):
    • Get Started course: Participants can learn more about the ABC of gym training, body care and group exercise classes
    • Buddy Start course: Collection of a group of friends and reservation of a course to enhance the well-being
    • Sports consultation: Sports consultation is a free two-hour-service that is meant to help students and staff members who are not currently active to find their own way of doing sports. The service is designed for people who have no health obstacles to training but who need some personal guidance to get started. Sports consultation service is free for every student and staff member of the university.
    • Gym instruction: At specific times at the gyms of UTA and TAMK there is a gym instructor or personal trainer present and available for questions regarding the gym training.