Muenster University

Muenster University  (Germany):

University Sports Service Profile:

Facilities:  2 Sport halls, 2 Gymnastic halls, swimming pool, 2 Fitness rooms, 2 Gymnastic rooms, 2 Grass fields, Running track artificial, Slackline area, 3 Tennis courts, 4 Beach volleyball courts, Artificial grass cage soccer, Discus and Javelin facility, Relaxation rooms


Health promotion of the university:

Health promotion isn’t included in the guidelines of the university but there is a workgroup “Health”. It is an interdisciplinary cooperation with: Staff Council, Academic Sport Service, Division for Safety and Environment, Concerns for Employees with Disabilities or Handicaps. There is a huge number of a sport program and tours, but also some activities to reduce stress and promote the mental health.  The principles for the action are arrange movement, promote fair play, be there for others, link cultures, sure quality and bundle forces.  The ACE-Project confirm to these principles and the aim is better consciousness for health, individual responsibility for health-promoting activities, activate passive students to do sports and create best practice models.


Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Day of healthcare once a year
  • Active lunch break “Auszeit”
  • Fit over sixty