Our special program to integrate more exercise into daily university life 

“Move more, Feel better” is the practical part of the project Active Campus Europe (ACE).

Sixteen universities and university sports institutions from seven different European countries participate in this project, which is subsidized by the EU as part of Erasmus+.

ACE is an international project of University Sports with the aim of promoting day-to-day exercise as well as increasing well-being and quality of life with university daily life. , It is particularly aimed at those for whom sport and exercise have not been a priority before.

For this reason, the program “Move, more, feel better” in the first round addresses students, whose  day-to-day physical movement in the last 30 days has not regularly included even moderate exercise like walks, bike rides or gentle jogging.

Target Group and Requirements

The program exclusively addresses students of  all the participating universities, who would like to integrate more activity into their life. A long-term goal is to implement the positive experiences and benefits of their well-being into their daily routine even after the project end.

All the ACE partners are developing diverse intervention programs for the target group. The programs are based on common pillars for all partners, but integrate local specialities and needs. From October 2017 on the first round of the interventions are being conducted at the ACE universities.

Lateron you will be able to find the results of the special program “Move more, feel better”.