University of Turku

CampusSport / University of Turku (Finland):

Facilities: 5 Sports Halls, 5 Fitness rooms, 2 outdoor tennis fields, 1 swimming hall

Health promotion of the University:
Health Promotion is already included in the strategy of Academic Sport Service and has become more and more important. Every second year the University makes a survey about the physical activities to discover the health problems of students and staff and to find solutions to promote their health. The outstanding project of the university was “Bottoms Up!” The project was instigated by the prevalence of neck and lower back problems, as well as obesity and the illnesses associated with it, among the staff and students at the University of Turku. The issue was considered by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) and University of Turku Sports, and the decision was made to instigate a project designed to inform students and personnel about the risks associated with excessive sitting.
”Bottoms up” achieved the ENAS Best Practice Award in 2015.

Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Well-being days for staff and students (health measurements, physical condition tests, sports try-outs, lectures, massage)
  • Sport Appro sports event for students
  • Rehabilitation courses for neck and shoulders and back (staff)
  • Find your own physical activity- courses for students
  • Get Fit- courses for staff
  • Sport Tutors (help beginners at the sports facilities and at the first times and arrange walking groups and easy groups)
  • Courses and classes for beginners at the schedule
  • Break Exercise instructor courses and idea classes for staff
  • Help for beginners with Sports tutors, Sports counselling, Personal trainers