Maastricht University

Maastricht University  (Netherlands):  

University Sports Service Profile:

Facilities: 3 sport halls, gym, spinning room, dojo, body mind studio, rowing facility,

Health promotion of the university:

The aim of the university is to create awareness and overall healthy behaviour (taking stairs, walk or ride bicycle to work), adjustable personal programmes, increasing (to some extend) heart rate, circulation, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance. But also Relaxation and stress relief, increasing mental well-being, stimulate taking breaks, preventing unhealthy behaviour (inactivity, smoking, poor nutrition, stress). They have also built a new Academic Sport Service Centre. It is a new and modern building with for example a brand new gym, spinning studio, exercise studio and major sports hall. But the special is that there are also learning spaces and a café where you can meet friends. So there are short ways and a perfect atmosphere for students to combine learning, sport and social life.

Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Promotion week with a Health & Fitness market
  • Activities during 6-8 weeks: free of charges > after 6-8 weeks implementation in UM SPORTS programme
  • Health & Fitness Express (15′ breaks)
  • Lunch walking sessions
  • Fitter together programme (12 weeks) Information fairs including introduction workouts