Bochum University

Bochum University (Germany):
University Sports Service Profile:
Facilities: two multi-sport-complexes, gym, 2 beach-soccer-courts, 4 tennis courts, natural lawn field, artificial grass field, “house” for water sports (rowing, windsurfing etc.), rented swimming pool, two rooms especially for health sports (Pilates, Yoga, MBSR), unifit fitness centre 
Health promotion of the university:
University has a task force dealing with themes of health promoting activities especially for staff members of the University. Each year a “Day for health” is organised by this group, focussing on the needs of staff members. Academic Sport Service brings in its expertise in questions of sports and health promoting activities. There are special courses for health promotion for the staff members. Since 2010 regular participation over a period of 8 weeks in those courses belong to the “normal” working hours (max. 1,5 hours per week). The aim for the future is that “health” should be looked at entirety, namely physical, social and mental. Designing campus areas to relax between two lectures should become more important; looking at Academic Sport Service the programmes and offers more individual, more target-group-focused, more flexible. At the same time the offers should be scientific based and course instructors need education in the field of health promotion.
Selected health promoting physical activities:
·         “New Games”: an event students could try new sports activities
·         UniRun