Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona

Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain):  http://www.uab.cat

University Sports Service Profile:

Facilities:  Sports hall, 5 Gymnastics hall, 4 squash courts, Climbing wall, 2 artificial grass field , 5 tennis courts, 6 paddle courts, tennis court, Beach volleyball court, 2 climbing walls, Indoor pool, Recreational outdoor pool, Fitness hall, Thermal area (spa, sauna, steam bath, massage jets).

Health promotion of the university:

Improving the health of the university community and promoting environments and habits for a healthy lifestyle are the objectives. The Healthy and Sustainable Campus (Campus SIS) project consists of two plans: the Healthy Campus plan and the Sustainable Campus plan. Both are aims at everyone who works and studies at the university. There are a great number of activities with a high degree of diversity to improve the health of the university community, promoting environments and habits for a healthy lifestyle and attaining a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly university. So it goes further than prevention issues. The more moderate intensity of the physical activity practice, the variety of available activities and the customization of the physical activity to fit the individual needs.

 Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Workshops and conferences to increase awareness of physical activity and regular exercise benefits and prescription plans for students, families and university staff
  • Nutritional information and prioritize menus and dishes based on the Mediterranean diet within the campus bars and restaurants.
  • 10 courses related to healthy diet and 25 performances and courses to emphasise values for responsible consumption and solidarity
  • Psychosocial management plan
  • New prevention protocols for laboratories
  • Program for prevention, detection and monitoring of diseases and disorders of healthy habits.
  • “UAB Cycling” plan in order to boost the use of bicycles on campus
  • Activities to advertise the campus network of paths and nature trails
  • Welfare and positive psychology program for the UAB staff, made up of about 20 courses designed to manage emotions and stress.

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