Imperial College London


Imperial College London (UK):  

University Sports Service Profile:

Facilities:  Sport hall, climbing wall, squash courts, swimming pool, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, gyms, treatment rooms, rowing centre (gym, physio room, boat storage for 90 boats), astro turf hockey, 15 football,5 rugby,4 cricket,3 lacrosse pitches, outdoor sports and social centre (sports hall, squash courts, tennis courts, snooker, pool rooms, rifle range)


Health promotion of the University:

The university offers a great number of different sport activities and also a great number of facilities because health promotion is also included in the strategy of the university. But the aim of the university isn’t only to activate students and staff in physical activity, the aim is to create lifestyle changes. The goal is to motivate the people to incorporate movement into their life, reduce stress and lose weight. The university also understands the way of getting healthy is also collective and that the support of others is important.


Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Some healthy eating and healthy living week promotional events
  • GO Fit campaign: the GO Fit campaign is a 10-week team challenge where teams of 5 people support each other towards a very simple goal to MOVE MORE. The concept of GoFit is to ‘move a little more, feel a little healthier’. As it’s a team challenge, you have support from your group and work together as a team to achieve your goal and collect movement minutes.