Universidade do Minho

Universidade do Minho (Portugal): http://www.uminho.pt/en/home_en 
University Sports Service Profile:
Facilities: 2 Multisport Complexs, 2 Grass Fields, 11 Fitness Gyms (4 weight and Cardio gyms; 4 Martial Arts Gyms; 3 Multi-activities gyms), 7 Multisport and Fitness Gym, Functional Training area, 3 Squash Courts
Health promotion of the university:
The university understands health promotion as interdisciplinary field.  Additional to sport, there is cooperation with medical and nutritional support. The focus is made on the health and physical condition and not in competition. But although there is one common objective, the university understands that health promotion isn’t restrictive and so it must be adapted for every different population to fulfil perfectly the needs. Therefore the university have the traditional sport program and the medical and nutritional support but also projects only for staff or senior populations. They want to inspire the people to think today at the future. 
Selected health promoting physical activities:
·         Programme 1 for University staff to increase healthy life style: sports activity (1 hour free per day), control of body mass/weight and nutritional consultations                             
·         Programme 2 for sedentary/senior populations (400 participants): Promotion of sports and cultural activities to sedentary/senior population