University de Vigo

University de Vigo (Spain):  
University Sports Service Profile:
Facilities:  3 Sport halls, 3 squash courts, 2 cycling rooms, 3 soccer / rugby courts, multiple-purpose track 
3 tennis courts, athletics stadium, 2 Swimming pool, 4 Fitness rooms,  5 Cardio-fitness room 
Health promotion of the university:
The University Statutes explicitly acknowledges the role of sports in the integral education of university students, and commits to facilitate the resources and organisational adjustments required to guarantee equal access to sports and its compatibility with other university activities. The focus of the Academic Sport Service isn’t the competition. It is to offer health-related opportunities (e.g. nutrition counselling, personal trainers, physical fitness advice, Sports medicine and physiotherapy services in 3 campus. etc.). The objectives are to ensure suitable, safe physical and sporting practices for any type of customer regardless their initial condition (presence of pathology, cardiovascular risk factors, low tolerance for physical activity, lack of previous experience, …), to attract all those, who do not practice or are not concerned with physical activity into sports, to achieve autonomy in the practice of physical activity and care for their own health (training).
Selected health promoting physical activities:
·         Project “Campus  Saludable / Campus Convida” (Healthy Campus): Various stands at the university  increased awareness of the relevance of sports as the means for healthy living, including sports practice, sexuality, substance abuse, etc.
·         Get in Shape!: 16 weeks individualized training program oriented to sedentary or slightly active people (275 participants), initial medical and sport diagnosis, initial personalized interview, final assessment