Wuppertal University

Wuppertal University (Germany): http://www.hochschulsport.uni-wuppertal.de/cms/

University Sports Service Profile:

Facilities: The university has no own covered facilities, but there is a cooperation with the city of Wuppertal and the university is allowed to use the university hall (divisible into 3 halls)  and        a gymnastic hall during lecture period, beach volleyball court, all-weather pitch (Tartan), fitness centre, cardio and core centre, Office “BUWbewegt” inclusive a multifunctional room, snooze room for relaxation, hammock park, teaching kitchen      

Health promotion of the university:

Health promotion is an important topic at the university. It is implemented in the mission statement and profile since 2009 by the rectorate. It consists of health, illness prevention and movement. There is a working team “healthy campus”. It is an interdisciplinary cooperation between 16 institutions. Health promoting activities are more than regular sports. Next to physical activity, relaxation and food are important topics. The program has to respect the individual needs and working condition of the target group (staff members and students) for sustaining health. To reach physically inactive students and staff members does by no means run by itself. In order to meet the needs of this target-group a lot support, close guidance and specific setting-conditions are required: physical activity must be embedded in the every-day (work-) life and be easy to reach. A lot of things are offered: like a chill out room and massage for relaxation, a fitness track for movement, a kitchen as possibility to cook healthy food, short presentations during lunch time and also workshops around health subjects to give the best knowledge about a healthy life.

Selected health promoting physical activities:

  • Project 2009-2011: „Health Promotion and Prevention for Students and Staff Members through Sports and Physical Activity“, supported by the Federal Ministry of Health
    1. Target-group: Physically inactive students and staff members
    2. Courses about (10 weeks):
  1. culture, food, movement & relaxation: intervention and implementation of health-knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles (e.g. Chinese cuisine and Qigong)
  2. combination courses: combination of modern trends in fitness and health (e.g. back therapy training and cycle; dance workout, yoga meets Pilates)

iii.    Outdoor Fitness Training

  1. how to lose weight easily
  2. Active lunch break “Pausenexpress”
  • Be Active program: staff members get points for visiting health promotion courses. After a specified amount they get a credit voucher of working time (continuous)