3rd ACE Network Meeting

„Move More, Feel Better“

ACE-Activity programs successfully started

Representatives from 16 Academic Sport Services from 7 European countries discussed under the project lead of RWTH Aachen University the results of their first activity program round for sport inactive students.


From 12th to 14th December all project members of the health activity program „ Active Campus Europe“ met at Imperial College London, one of the project members, in order to discuss and exchange the experience of first program round.

„ Move more, feel better“ is an activity program to motivate students to get into the habit of physical activity. Individual monitoring, health screening and health tests, workshops and lectures, individual feed-back and low participant fees make it students easy to participate and getting enthusiastic about physical activity.  A wide range of obligatory and voluntary physical activities, including social and local sports to match the cultural diversity in Europe were offered at the project member’s sports centres.

Autonomous University of Barcelona provides on top an app for participants to stay in touch with students and giving them personal feed-back and advice. As a community the inactive students are sharing the experiences and they are getting the chance to motivate each other. The project partner were discussing to provide an common app for the second activity round which could be made available by ENAS and in future be also used for all ENAS members,

„We are happy to see so many positive results and outcomes of the program“, said Peter Lynen, head of RWTH Aachen University sport department and project lead.

“With all the adaptions we agreed now in London I am optimistic that we will make our program even more attractive for sport inactive students!” Next program round will start between end of January and mid of April. A lot of good practice models will be provided in future for all Academic Sports Services in Europe.


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