ACE goes western balkan!

University of Vigo organizes an international staff training week between 16th and 22th june 2018. The university staffs come from western balkan countries. During this meeting in Vigo (Spain) ACE partner university sport service of Vigo make a presentation about the Active Campus Europe Project. The staff training week is supported by the Erasmus+ project. Want to find out more about the university of Vigo? Click here.


4th Network Meeting in Barcelona

dsc01180.jpgThe vice rector of the autonomous university of Barcelona (SAF UAB) welcomed the participants of the European project Active Campus Europe for the 4th network meeting.  The main topics were the implementation of the 2nd round of the common intervention (Move more, feel better) and the preparation of the Best Practice Handbook.

Currently almost half of the ACE partners are still implementing the “Move more, Feel better” program. Below you can find the time line of the 2nd round. Some ACE partners have already finished their 2nd implementation round. The results of the evaluation of the 1st round have been presented and discussed. The results of the whole evaluation will be presented in the final event in Aachen december this year.

During the 2nd round there is a new web based app which was developed in cooperation with ENAS. The app has been used for the evaluation of the 2nd round. The participants of the intervention have the possibility to document their daily physical activities. During the network meeting in Barcelona partners who used the app have disscussed about the usage of an app for the evaluation reasons.

Timeline of the 2nd round “Move more, Feel better”


In the next days there will be more information related to the program “Move more, Feel better”. Keep visiting our homepage in the next days.

3rd ACE Network Meeting

„Move More, Feel Better“

ACE-Activity programs successfully started

Representatives from 16 Academic Sport Services from 7 European countries discussed under the project lead of RWTH Aachen University the results of their first activity program round for sport inactive students.


From 12th to 14th December all project members of the health activity program „ Active Campus Europe“ met at Imperial College London, one of the project members, in order to discuss and exchange the experience of first program round.

„ Move more, feel better“ is an activity program to motivate students to get into the habit of physical activity. Individual monitoring, health screening and health tests, workshops and lectures, individual feed-back and low participant fees make it students easy to participate and getting enthusiastic about physical activity.  A wide range of obligatory and voluntary physical activities, including social and local sports to match the cultural diversity in Europe were offered at the project member’s sports centres.

Autonomous University of Barcelona provides on top an app for participants to stay in touch with students and giving them personal feed-back and advice. As a community the inactive students are sharing the experiences and they are getting the chance to motivate each other. The project partner were discussing to provide an common app for the second activity round which could be made available by ENAS and in future be also used for all ENAS members,

„We are happy to see so many positive results and outcomes of the program“, said Peter Lynen, head of RWTH Aachen University sport department and project lead.

“With all the adaptions we agreed now in London I am optimistic that we will make our program even more attractive for sport inactive students!” Next program round will start between end of January and mid of April. A lot of good practice models will be provided in future for all Academic Sports Services in Europe.


Intervention Program at the 2nd ACE Network Meeting


Successful meeting in the finish city Turku: Three days, partners of the ACE project could exchange topics and improve important measures for health promotion.

The representatives of 15 partner universities of the health promotion project “Active Campus Europe” (ACE) met on June 6 until 8 in the finish city Turku in order to specify the health promoting intervention program for inactive students.

This was the second network meeting and again, a lot of ideas were discussed to create a more active lifestyle for those that are not doing sports as well as to make sportive activities more interesting. The intervention program should start in winter semester 2017/18 with an evaluation at the university sports in Aachen. The project management was very happy about the outcome.

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Official Opening of the Project “Active Campus Europe” by Professor Dr. Doris Klee


On January 24, 2017 the European health project, which is led by the HSZ of the RWTH, was festively opened.

Professor Dr. Doris Klee, prorector of RWTH Aachen, welcomed the 25 Attendees of the project, which represent 16 universities in seven European countries, while the provincial governor and prorector professor Dr. Harm Hospers of the university Maastricht was also present. The start of this project was celebrated in the Provincial Gouvernement Building, which was also the place of the convention of the head of states, when they signed the Maastricht Treaty 25 years ago.

Professor Klee stressed the huge engagement of RWTH Aachen concerning the health management, which is also partly organized by the HSZ. She highlighted proudly the aspect, that this is the second time the HSZ brought a health program to Aachen.

From 2009 to 2011 the project “Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention für Studierende und Beschäftigte durch Sport und Bewegung”, which can be loosely translated as health promotion for students and employees with sports, was the first huge promotion of the “INFORM”-program that was enacted from the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. Moreover, it was the first university project that was granted with this recognition. With the partner universities Potsdam, Paderborn and Wuppertal, a role model for inactive people was developed and “INFORM” named it one of the best workplace programs of the health promotion.

Basing on this project, RWTH Aachen developed a new creative concept and applied for grants with the Erasmus+ program and 15 other universities. By the end of October, the promotion for this program was announced by the EU. And again it was the first time a university sports center was supported with the maximal project funding. Professor Klee congratulated the head of the HSZ Peter Lynen for this great success, since he asserted himself in the race with 150 other competitors.

She wished best success to everyone working on the “Best Practice Model” manual for European universities and on movement programs for those who are not actively doing sports, and on top of that, she invited them to the closing ceremony in Aachen at the end of 2018.

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