Move Move Feel Better in Münster

Yesterday ACE partner Münster has just finished their intervention program “Move more feel better!” The participants are very positive about the program and gave the local coordinators a very positive feedback about the program. Here you can read more about the sport service Münster. On their homepage there is a detailed version of this newsace 2.jpgIn the picture you can see some of them. Want to find out more about Münster?

Move more feel better in Aachen comes to an end

Today the common intervention program in Aachen has just come to an end. Today some of the participants came together to give feedback to the program.

Here are some statements from the ACE participants from Aachen:

– It was fun to take part
– It motivated me to be active in the group
– Thanks to ACE i have started to practice sport regularly
– I feel better and healthier
– ACE helped me to do sport despite my study workload

Paticipants in Aachen ACE.JPG

ACE as best practice during the student’s health seminar in Bonn (Germany)

Yesterday the ACE project has been presented during the student health management seminar by Peter Lynen (Project leader from Aachen) and Kathrin Bührmann (Head of the Sport Service Wuppertal).

The seminar was organized by the sport service Bonn, which is also an ACE partner.

You can find out more about the schedule here (in German)

Some videos from the ACE partners related to the “Move more, Feel better!”

All the ACE partners are working hard in the European collaboration Active Campus Europe and creating very diversed results from their common interventions.

Today we want to present some of the promotion videos already which was published by the ACE partners

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:

RWTH Aachen:

University Maastricht:


More to come! Move more, Feel better!

2nd round of “Move more, feel better” starts in Aachen!

The kick off meeting for the second round of Move more, feel better” took place in Aachen on 17 april. There are currently 18 participants in the intervention programme. During the next 10 weeks the participants will get a special program offered by 5 instructors. There are Yoga, Pilates, running and fitness basics activities. For the first time the participants are testing the usage of an app which is specially developed for the ACE project in cooperation with our dissemination partner ENAS.