Lunch-Beat-Break Dancing Event in Aachen! European Week of Sport

European Week of Sport is coming closer! Between 23 and 30 september it is time to #beactive in Europe. Most of the ACE partners and many other sport organisations will organize different sport activities to bring people to more movement in their daily life.

Aachen as ACE project lead will offer a special dance event in front of the main university building in public space. Everyone who wants to dance can just join this event with a DJ.

Some videos from the ACE partners related to the “Move more, Feel better!”

All the ACE partners are working hard in the European collaboration Active Campus Europe and creating very diversed results from their common interventions.

Today we want to present some of the promotion videos already which was published by the ACE partners

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona:

RWTH Aachen:

University Maastricht:


More to come! Move more, Feel better!

4th Network Meeting in Barcelona

dsc01180.jpgThe vice rector of the autonomous university of Barcelona (SAF UAB) welcomed the participants of the European project Active Campus Europe for the 4th network meeting.  The main topics were the implementation of the 2nd round of the common intervention (Move more, feel better) and the preparation of the Best Practice Handbook.

Currently almost half of the ACE partners are still implementing the “Move more, Feel better” program. Below you can find the time line of the 2nd round. Some ACE partners have already finished their 2nd implementation round. The results of the evaluation of the 1st round have been presented and discussed. The results of the whole evaluation will be presented in the final event in Aachen december this year.

During the 2nd round there is a new web based app which was developed in cooperation with ENAS. The app has been used for the evaluation of the 2nd round. The participants of the intervention have the possibility to document their daily physical activities. During the network meeting in Barcelona partners who used the app have disscussed about the usage of an app for the evaluation reasons.

Timeline of the 2nd round “Move more, Feel better”


In the next days there will be more information related to the program “Move more, Feel better”. Keep visiting our homepage in the next days.

2nd round of “Move more, feel better” starts in Aachen!

The kick off meeting for the second round of Move more, feel better” took place in Aachen on 17 april. There are currently 18 participants in the intervention programme. During the next 10 weeks the participants will get a special program offered by 5 instructors. There are Yoga, Pilates, running and fitness basics activities. For the first time the participants are testing the usage of an app which is specially developed for the ACE project in cooperation with our dissemination partner ENAS.



Kick off “Move more, feel better” throughout Europe

Since last days there is a lot happening throughout ACE partners in all over Europe. Some of the partners have already starting with the first round of the common intervention “Move more, feel better”

Here you can see a first general overview about the numbers of participants. We have already made a step to reach a more active campus in Europe.

ACE Location Participants
London (Middlesex) 20
Maastricht 26
Tampere 14
Barcelona 30
Aachen 15
Dublin (UCD) 36
Dublin (TCD) 28
Vigo 32
Münster 23
Turku 19

More facts are coming soon.