Empowerment Workshop at Eindhoven University of Technology to celebrate European Week of Sport


DSC_5397On September 29th, 2018 the Student Sports Center at Eindhoven University of Technology will welcome circa 150 enthusiastic participants to the I’m(Power) Empowerment Workshop.

During this unique and inspiring event, world renowned Krav Maga (self-defense system) expert, Gracia Ho-Asjoe will lead everyone in various physical and mental exercises. In the wake of #MeToo, Eindhoven is using physical activity as a tool to

  • build mutual understanding between the men and women of the university community
  • to empower individuals to protect their own boundaries
  • to practice personal safety.

This 3 hour mind-body session is sure to make a lasting impact and raise awareness!

The workshop will be offered for free to both students and employees of the higher education institutions in Eindhoven. To give back to our community and to empower others, all proceeds will go to UNICEF for the relief project, which rebuilds school facilities in Syria.

Empowerment, diversity, charity….. and a great workout! Let’s celebrate the European Week of Sport by raising the bar in your community!

Want more info? Check out the event!

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