In the spotlight: Maastricht University

They are busy, they are stressed, they are…. immobile? How do you motivate inactive students for whom exercise is the LAST item on the to-do list? Let’s zoom in on the wonderful, dedicated coaching from the team at Maastricht University.

“We really keep on top of matters,” reports coordinator, Nadine Chudy. “They get a weekly newsletter. If they don’t show up for two weeks, they get an individual e-mail. There is a WhatsApp group where they motivate each other and a Facebook group where we post messages a couple of times a week, like, hey it’s lovely weather today so why don’t you go outside [and exercise].”

Participants log their weekly workout minutes, and coach Chudy sets targets for them along with tips for incorporating exercise into daily routines like “try to take the stairs instead of the lift this week.”

“The fun together, that’s what you come for,” says a program participant at Maastricht. Enjoyment and laughter are central to Chudy’s coaching philosophy. Setting the tone by creating a supporting relaxed atmosphere doesn’t just get the students in the door. It keeps them coming back for more. Says Chudy, “Exercise is not just going to the gym. That’s why we have social sports when we play a game or play ping-pong.”

Breaking the monotony of the gym with laughter, community and a healthy dose of compassionate coaching… Maastricht’s methods have paid off for their many lucky participants and are sure to make a positive lasting impression.





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