CampusSport Turku Organizes the SportAppro Event to Celebrate EWOS

To ring in the International Day of University Sports on September 20th, 2018, CampusSport Turku organized a smashing, diverse, free sports event for staff and students of the universities in their city.

The goal? Simple- get healthier and get to discover new sports. By collecting “sport markings” on a pass to gain points and a badge in the hopes of winning a heart rate or activity monitor, participants stayed engaged and motivated while trying out unique sports and enjoying lectures on nutrition and mobility.

Free gifts, free sports and some healthy competition- Turku brought activity, creativity and a dash of humor to her sports offerings (who wouldn’t want to earn their “Donkey badge” by getting 4-6 markings?). Feeling like a high achiever? You could earn your “Kangaroo” or the coveted “Cheetah” title with 10 or more markings. For those just dipping their toes into sports, 1 marking qualified you as a cute, furry, yet lethargic “Sloth”.

Turku offered a variety of unique, local sports try-outs during SportAppro. Some stand-outs were:

Bubble Football


Acrobatics for Beginners


Dance Fit

Power Lifting

Force Slide


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

In Turku, the take-home message for the EWOS was that sports should be fun! With such a unique set of offerings and a cheeky wink for her participants, SportAppro was a memorable, light-hearted event that brought laughter back to some serious fitness activities!



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