Empowerment Workshop in Eindhoven to Celebrate the EWOS: A Huge Hit (and Kick)!

On September 29th, the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven at the Eindhoven University of Technology opened her doors to around 120 participants who eagerly kicked, punched, power-posed and strutted their way to more confidence and empowerment.

Watch the video to experience the action:


The goal of the day was to build mutual understanding and communication skills and to bring attention to personal safety. Led by Expert 2 level Krav Maga specialist, Gracia Ho-Asjoe, the event was unforgettable and left its mark (and maybe a few well-earned bruises) on all the enthusiastic students and employees.


Says one participant, “I loved learning about Krav Maga and it was helpful to be reminded of things I forgot when communicating- about my body language, my eye contact and my awareness of dangerous situations. These are things we take for granted.”

Another said, “I had tears in my eyes listening to Gracia. She made me really think and take a hard look at reality. Her words touched me.”


Not to be underestimated, the physical component of the day was a massive, welcome challenge to our fanatic participants. “I was completely destroyed in the first minute of hard fighting drills! It was so tough, but so fun!”



That’s Krav Maga, empowerment, and Gracia Ho-Asjoe together in a nutshell: confronting, in-your-face, full of tough love…. and SO. MUCH. FUN!



We in Eindhoven can’t wait for another round! KIDA and THANK YOU, Gracia, for your amazing guidance.

Video Credit: Abhimanyu Badrinaryan

Photo Credits: Lars Cleven for Hardfield Media

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